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If you are looking for a top-notch technology to build a real time web application or a plugin, Node.js is the most suitable option to choose. Node.js appeared in 2009, and since then EffectiveSoft has been taking advantage of this technology creating robust custom applications that load fast, boast high portability between front- and back-end parts and are capable of intensive data exchange support. As one of the leading Node.js development companies, we leverage our deep knowledge of its components and deliver solutions that bring impressive business results.

Why Node.js

  • Open source

    Node.js is free to use and utilizes a wide range of modules and components developed by JavaScript community. Creating friendly environment for back-end and front-end scenarios, Node.js allows building scalable and high-speed network applications and various types of servers (TCP, HTTP, etc.).

  • Speedy and Lightweight

    Node.js uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine to speed up the execution of the JavaScript code. It makes the applications work faster and creates a seamless connection with a fast data exchange. Node.js JavaScript runtime environment is lightweight as it uses a non-blocking event-driven I/O model.

  • Scalable

    Node.js allows creating highly scalable applications with improved performance and response speed. There are two ways of scaling: vertical one that is achieved by adding extra resources to a single node and horizontal one that implies adding more nodes to the system.

EffectiveSoft Node.js Development Services

Custom Node.js Development

Our proficient engineers develop custom Node.js applications that are effective in operation and scalable in functionality. We know how to transform any project idea into a powerful solution that complies with industry standards and meets unique business requirements of our customers.

Plugin Development

We create custom plugins that enhance capabilities and functionalities of a website. We use Ajax and Sockets.io to ensure asynchronous data exchange between the components, which makes Node.js the most suitable platform for IOT, instant messaging, Big Data, etc.


We do our best to meet ever-increasing business requirements and offer customization of third-party applications. We integrate the solutions with other systems, add extra modules and customize the existing ones.

Maintenance and Support

By timely maintenance and support we guarantee that our custom Node.js based solutions perform seamlessly. We deliver pay-as-you-go and subscription IT support models to provide the customers with the service that meets their business requirements.

Why EffectiveSoft As a Node.js Development Company

Let’s discuss your challenge and develop a perfect Node.js solution!

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